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abandon abandonment

abandon abandonment


The house was empty

cupboards bare

The only sound came from the upstairs bedroom

The moaning

The groaning

That would never be heard by anyone except them

The silent sounds of a young girl

Offering her love to any soul who would take it

I the empty house she had grown lonesome

For there was nobody there

Not a picture to give the illusion of family

Or a friend

Or even a caring face

Even the fridge was bare

No food to nourish the deep-rooted hinger

The sounds of her growling stomach there was nobody to hear. 

The growls of pain that symbolized the need for the spirit to be fed

Thinly noise that filled her ears was the sound of this boy

The moaning and groaning of a prosperous player

Who also understood what it felt like to be solo

For he was always in the company of her


She offered no comfort

There was no love to give

Just an empty house to fuck in



Self-help books clutter the shelves

Middle aged women trying to heal themselves

Distraught over their empty lives

Causing them to be insufficient wives

Children suffering from the absent love of parents they despise

Looking at their lives and seeing the lies

Craving affection they know will never be realized

The look in their eyes is nothing but sad

The miss their daddy, he comes home rarely

A role in family life, he has just barely

The office is comforting, he drowns himself in work

But in the big house they call him a jerk

This does nothing to serve the ego

He’s running from a wound that can’t be ignored

Praying his wife will one day grow barren and bored

Tired of trying to improve herself

When all that he cares about is if she looks top shelf

Strong enough to clean and cook his dinners

She questions which of the two are the ideal sinners

It’s her because she never showed she cared

Knowing her children she didn’t dare

Or him, the big shot, who works all day

Comes home simply to hit the hay

Not into bed to stroke his wife

Or ask his kids about their loveless life

So in a household where parents are both lost and confused

The children remain silent victims, far from amused

They wonder what it’ll take to bring them all together

Without being answered by a worthless whatever 



Hold my hand and walk with me

I am scared

Dry me tears and stroke my head when I lay it on your shoulder

When I lie beside, place your hand one more

The strong protecting the weak

When I shiver in the coldness of the harsh winter night, envelope me the warmth of your soul

Whisper in my ear as I lay beside you, like a frail girl

Caress my body as I reveal it to you, unmasked, in the flesh

The purity of freshly fallen snow, untouched and unharmed by the toxicity of mankind

You could make me your sex toy and trophy girl, but instead I opt for you to ease my fear

You know it is there,  but cannot shine through until I unmask the demons that shadow it 

You are waiting for the greatness hidden beneath the depths of my soul to unveil itself

But while you wait for me to evolve, please just hold my hand and walk with me

I am scared~


In the end we went out ways

You took the art and the car

Moved your spirit far and away

I remember the moment, ever so clearly

Your back approaching the door

As you set out to accomplish your final chore

I longed to tell you I missed you as you stood by the door.

I chose to say nothing, unspoken I remained

I feared my word would provoke tears

Revealing only my greatest fears

So I turned away, torn and pained

You showed no remorse, as you strutted away tall

Our child tightly in your comforting grip

Off and away, venturing on your finally awaited trip.

Leaving me to mourn, not even saying  you’d call

So now here I am, all alone

To find another like you I must

not just unrequited lust

But this time I must show I’m worthy of trust

And remember the importance of a phone

For all those nights I left you waiting

Never calling to hear your voice

To this day I question the stupidity of my choice

But then I was too busy dating

I am sorry I failed, I am sorry I lied

These words mean nothing anymore

As I stand here alone on the hallway floor

Emotions I can;t even begin to hide

If you ever return, I’ll change my ways

Giving you all I have to offer

Whispering in your ear just a little softer

For I’ll always remember the better days

Those times are now finished and passed

Memories of you are all i have left to ponder

In search of another soul like you I must wander

But in this search I may not last

I know now that you were everything, even in this saddened haze

As I watched you car drive away

I was speechless, no words left to say

Except remember the better days

Nobody will ever be you. Nothing will ever be us.

abandon heartbreak

abandon heartbreak

abandon suicide

abandon suicide