EDITOr's Letter

~ A point-of view on the pointless if I may ~

editor-at-small  - resting SHOEfACE

editor-at-small - resting SHOEfACE


In a culture OBSESSED with What's Next, Abandon Shoes Stand as a snapshot of what's not~


Shot street-style, exactly as found, with whatever iPhone of the time, the images document what the streets' are wearing. As you can see, they only get hand-me-downs. Mostly from our feet. 

Unlike gloves however, that only trend seasonally, abandoned shoes are part of their permanent collection. There's nothing underground about the sartorial choices on it.

We can also collectively agree they're not going anywhere either. So don’t give them away. Oh wait - you already did. That’s what we do for the shiny & new. Without paying, these still-life's remain an homage to what’s not;

Our 'must-haves' no longer needed. In a moment so fast, nobody appears to see it. How fleeting 'things' are.


What we do see stands to matter.

Like Forrest Gump's mama always said; "You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they going, where they been..."

I think you can tell just as much about a person with abandoned shoes.

legacy  - they left behind their shoes

legacy - they left behind their shoes


Lost soles that found their own

That's the story I've found myself telling. What's yours?


As much yours as mine, I welcome & invite your 'finds' anytime. A collection can never have too many statement pieces.