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abandon heartbreak

abandon heartbreak

[ we fall into it & crawl out of it ]

“It’s better to have love and lost than to have never have loved at all.”

Don’t be sad that it’s over, be glad the at it happened

~Dr Suess

Timeless. Classic. Ageless. Bountiful. There simplicity to capture the essence of a an emotion and the door through it are brilliant in their child-like composition. Suess are the only self-help book reading in my book. My mentor once said “I like quotes because they tell you how to feel.” He was spot on. 

So when you find yourself in the depths of sorrow, mending yet another broken heart, take respite in the fact that what you’re feeling is human. It’s okay to not be okay. Your soul is aching. Let it hurt. Let the wound bleed. Let it scab, fall off and scar to serve as a memory of what your survived. Scars care proof of identity. Although you can’t see them on the inside, our heart and souls are blemished with them and that’s a good thing. It how we cope, grow, evolve deal. It’s what makes us the y=unique life-forms me are. Human.

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Razor blade kisses

The soft one she misses

Innocent lives

Taking flight

Now we both stand

Victims to fright

The light of the fire

Overpowered by hate

If only in my hands

I could fondle our fate

The times you inhaled 

My feathered hair

It was only once

If you care

Coming home to roses

A table for two

Now I stand staring at you

Wondering who?

Who fed those words of passion

Into my tingling ears

Who grabbed ny hand

Said they needed me near

Unwrapped me as if I was theirs to explore

Yet now here I stand like a two cent whore

Your soft touch became lifeless


The emergence of a stranger

Is all I saw

If it was something I said 

I’m sorry at best

But this pain you’ve caused ‘

Descends beyond my feminine chest

It seeps into my love heart

Bleeding from the harmful dart

You threw it there

One day


Never again

Is all I can say as this draws to an end

For even now

As the blood runs thin

The mind game we play

Neither will win

The markings of red

We have both bled.

Cause all we have left 

Are razor blade kisses

And it is only the soft ones she misses.




Don’t walk away or feel betrayed

A piece of me was your creation

You took the darkness in my soul

And taught me how to illuminate it

You brought me to life

By making me feel as though I belonged

Your never ending support

The soft words

The attempts at answering all my juvenile questions

You sheltered me when I shivered from fear

And when I was lifted from the ground

You held me tight

Promising to never let go

But still in the midst of this ideal world

A feeling of emptiness prevailed 

A part of me had succeeded in remaining untouched

This part was my heart

It never skipped a beat

Nor attain that feeling described in timeless poetry

That thing we have come to call love 



Here you are, my greatest rival

Who I have endlessly been at battle with

But now our cold war has finally been heated 

By the friction of our bodies connecting

Momentary instincts

Naked figures that stand together

Struggling to understand how it could be

The wall has broken

The barrier abolished




Nobody else matters

The disbelieving friends

The fear of what the future may hold

The voice of reason telling me to pull away your lips near my own


I refuse to withdraw from your arms

I will follow whatever emotion it is that draws me into you

The challenge

The intrigue

The mystery of all you are

And all that you may come to be

Right now is all that matters

The two of us

Lost soles

Best friends

Emerging into something that will never shatter what we had

Simply give birth to something new 

But now we must mourn the death of what was

The friendship before the confusion

But in this confusion

I have the comfort of the answers my head’s denied me.

The answers of my heart

With it’s mind of it’s own, it’s thrown me at you

Making the prospect of ‘us’ a reality

I know it is right because my mind’s voice has been silenced

By the calling of my heart

Demanding the need for you.


My inability to conform to the conventional methods of exhibiting affection does not mean the I do not love you

The absent kisses and rare hugs are not my way of saying I don’t care, but rather that I value what we have too much too simply kiss your cheek and that suffices as an explanantia to how I feel

Throughout my life, I’ve searched for a person I could connect with and until our friendship evolved into what it is today, I was hopeless

I could not imagine one day finding I would discover the true feeling of complete ease with another

For my entire life was spent rejecting those who came close to me

My fear of people getting near and invading my space far beyond even my own understanding

Yet you are the only person who’s ever forced me to explore why I’m afraid


This is a very hard thing, to trivialize your emotions and question your own actions

The greatest difficulty however is realizing that maybe it is possible to be taken out of your shell by another person 

One whom wants them to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled

It was you who taught me the nature of caring and the rewards of letting people enter your guarded heart.






Pierce my heart with your lethal dagger

As you stand before me in your suit of armour

Untouchable you are Vulnerable I am

The ultimate enemy you are

Yet still I long to fight this battle

Even if only to lose 

There will never be a time I thrive in defeat

For your the strong

I’m the weak

And you know this is the truth I speak

That’s why you’re here

standing tall, head above water

While I bow my head, drawing in water

abandon hopelessness

abandon hopelessness

abandon abandonment

abandon abandonment