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under-caffeinated  - flat whites hit wall

under-caffeinated - flat whites hit wall


starts & ends with TWO feet


Abandon Shoes started with a walk. Where their's ends, mine finds them. Sometimes I think they find me. Either way, we're soulmates. Solemates in shoe. Sorry, they also don't need 'u.' Seemed fair. Or maybe I was just high on walking when I made the call. As a 36-year old that's never had a driver's license, I do a lot of it. I'm for anything sans rule-book.

Walking's the Wild West in every direction.

As a girl that doesn't like stepping in sh!t or eating it, I never walk intexticated & always keep an eye to the ground. One day a pair of abandoned shoes caught it. I'm a writer. They're a subject. We both have something to say. They hold my view today.

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When we're looking for something, we start finding it. The search for something often finds us something else. Tilt the lens. Re-frame the scene. Almost there. Nowhere near. 

your walk. Lead the way. 

Just go for it. That's all Abandon Shoes is meant to say. The rest is walking generated nonsense.


footnote: 'Under-Caffeinated' - pictured above - is the first Abandon Shoes shot taken. I was j-walking across University Avenue & got stuck in the centre median to find these; the perfect still-life. No person. All-personality. A story just waiting to be told. An over-caffeinated girl to tell it. And so she goes~


exactly what you're not looking for

Natalie’s a 36-yr.old walker in Downtown Toronto. A city she's got endless pride & bragging rights for. In her spare time, she can be found collecting her thoughts in the West-End shoebox she lives in. Also not her own.

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All photos shot on iPhone 5S/6 by finder & amateur snap-shooter Natalie Greenspan. No subjects are ever touched, retouched or filtered in her process. Framing being the only consideration, all shoes appear as found. I'm convinced there's a stager out there somewhere. Images originally published on Instagram have been unfiltered on this site. 

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Welcome to the world's largest royalty-free abandoned shoe image bank. 

Feel free to borrow or steal any & all content from this site. No need to beg. The abandoned take any attention they can get. Credit yourself if you like. 


If you're a brand & Abandon Shoes has infringed on your copyright, I ask we have a discussion before legal action ensues. My intention has & will always be showcasing the authenticity of your soles on the street. Personally, I don't think you can buy that kind of street-cred. With the up-coming Abandon Shoes Designer Postcard Collection however, people will soon be able to. As stated throughout this site, 100% of the profits will be donated to charity via the Walking Society - our initiative committed to getting the world on their feet. Or the charity of your brand's choice. If we can do some good & help people do what shoes (your product) are made to, perhaps it's worth considering?

footnote: It's very low-budget


If you're anyone else with a copyright this site's infringed on & it's a problem - contact me. Hopefully we can sort it. Out of court.

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To all the abandoners. Without you, I'd be lost.