dumbass -  The shoes fit & you left them

dumbass - The shoes fit & you left them






Exhibit A:

Abandoned shoes caught my view on a walk one day & hold it today. I made that a graphic:

[ 00 ]

It's suppose to be a view-finder with the inspired thought captured inside. The POV may not make sense or be shared by anyone. All good. Knowing what we like's often the result of being sure what we don't.

The 0's in the middle are zeroes. I pulled them from the logo.

backstory ]

1. Past information that contextualizes a current situation.

2. A reason, justification or excuse for why things "are the way the are."

3. A story that cuts to the chase by starting at the end & working backwards.

4. The act of telling, listening to, or creating a story on your back.

My backstory has a backstory. They're not for everyone. Abandon Shoes allows you to opt-into them if you're not everyone.

Find the shoespeak one here:

[ chief walking officer ]

A platitude on a yet existing business card that gives stature to a 37 year-old without a drivers license that’s thus forced to walk everywhere on her own two feet.

A girl that walks everywhere and finds abandon shoes along her path

A free degree in walking measured my kilometres not IQ.

A patroller of sidewalks ensuring other forms of mobility aren't obstructing walker's gaits. eg: biking, driving, motorcycling etc...

[ bad design ]

1. Everyone's user experience is feeling stupid.

2. When a person delivering a user experience feels stupid for having to explain functionality that should be intuitive to the audience so they're not left feeling stupid &/or thinking she is.

[ collection ]

An ever-growing amassment of a single 'thing' that cannot be capped.

[ Collector ]

The shameless amasser of said 'thing.'


Being a collector is a great way to never have enough of something you love without justification every time you return home with more. Applying that theory to your shopping addiction may prove useful.

Collectors enjoy the unique benefit of family & friends enabling their collection by coming home from places with yet another 'thing' they have XXX versions of.

[ XXX ]

An obscene number of 'things.'


1. A slacking thought that didn't think fast enough for the leading one.

2. A thought that shows up late to the party but makes the after one. 

3. An afterthought for clarity that caters to both the lowest & highest denominator. The middle are on their own.

4. The mental note of someone who just put their foot in their mouth.

[ ideator ]

1. Someone who never walks out of ideas.

1. A person standing in the middle of two ideators volleying ideas.


Walking & texting.

Distracted walking is dangerous for everyone. Especially street-poles.


1. An acknowledgement of B-Z; the highly-productive space in-between A & B when travelling by foot.

2. A wildcard space in the middle of where we're going & where we've been. Imagination & subconscious wander aimlessly in the free-flow zone. Trespassing thoughts & momentary lapses of un-reason often result.

3. A mental commercial break that can last longer than 2 minutes.


Common sense is rare. Calling it a 'seventh sense' makes more of it.

"They had the seventh sense to know it was rare" ~an example of how to use in a sentence.

[ SH!T ]

1. Something fun to talk, but not about.

2. Stuff we get rid of. Crap we don't need. When its gotta go, its gotta go. Even if it's in the middle of the street. So abandoned shoes.

Graphic Treatment:

An exclamation mark takes the edge off the word with a circular dot. Flipping a lowercase 'i' upside down would have the same effect. That's letter-play. Less common than word.

[ sidewalk kill ]

A walker run-over by runners that think they have right of way on sideruns.


Someone who runs, rides, or drives on something called a 'sidewalk.'

[ snapshooter ]

1. A view-finder solely focused on documenting a found moment before it’s lost in time to perfectionism.

2. An over-thinker who shoots without thinking because they have zero clue what they're doing.

3. A person that can snap their fingers while shooting.

footnote: snapshooting is popular amongst iPhoners because the camera is like an eleventh finger.


Same as soulmate. Abandoned shoes don't need 'u' either~


Two shoes that belong together. Often referred to as a pair.

[ regress Report ] 

An update on how an abandoned shoe is adjusting to their state of ‘not-neededness.’ See faux-pad as an example.

[ not-neededness ]

Continuing to exist even though everybody's made it clear nobody needs you.

[ walking commentator ]

A person travelling on-foot with an on-going commentary in their head provoked by the scenery around them they're not racing past.

[ #accessory ]

A detail within the image that inspires the plot/narrative.

[ #lyrics ]

A tone-deaf writer borrowing lyrics from music to create interest for a visual audience.

[ manifesto ]

What you stand for even when you have no legs or feet to stand on
What you wish to be when you have the freedom to exercise idealism 

[ #241 ]

The BOGO of street-shoes.

Getting more than you didn't bargain for. Abandoned shoes have zero demand free.

[ #925 ]

The hours of hell. Business attire required.