I'm Natalie. I like long walks on the streets & vintage shoe collecting.

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shoespeak: the definition of nonsense

[ backstory ]

Shoespeak is the language of nonsense. Inspired by English. A language that makes none of it. Common or not

I'm sure other languages make no sense as well - but I only speak English fluently enough to know I don't understand it. 

For example, why do people say "we need to push back the launch date" when they're actually moving the date forward on the calendar? I spent 8+ years in production meetings & always had to clarify the ass-backwards statement. "So do we mean an earlier or later date?" In hindsight, I'm not sure why I cared 'cause my calendar was perma-clear for work.

Anyways, bottom line - that's actually my top-line - is that I've walked away from all laws of the English language here. Making-up, mashing-up & splitting-up words is a mainstay at Abandon Shoes. Not to be confused with English proper 'Abandoned Shoes.' Say what you want about wordplay but it's wa-hey funner than boring words not playing. G-d help the person I'm in a text-convo with if they're not fans of alphabet soup. Sorry. When left & right brain synch there's no surefire way of separating them.

 like lego & scrabble combined with crazy glue.

Only the made-up words are derivatives of real words. The result of which will be posted in the Glossary of Shoespeak - which if you didn't opt into the backstory early you'll have already seen~

walk & wordplay on~

marshmallows roasting

marshmallows roasting

ode to walking