I'm Natalie. I like long walks on the streets & vintage shoe collecting.

Hope you enjoy the stay

ode to walking

walking's my muse
where i hunt
uncluster the fuck.
it takes a spinning ball in my head & sorts it out
one foot in front of the other
I lay down the path
move forward
stay tuned in
to what’s around me
there’s so much life
even in the inanimate
the narrative's ours to create

feel like your going backwards in life? walk. forward.
feel like your spinning? give nausea a path.
feel like things are going to fast? don’t speed it up with a run
slow it down with a walk
It’s easier on the knees & just as good for you~
although you’d never know it with the peloton of runners dominating sidewalks
life isn’t a sprint. or marathon
it’s a walk along a never ending path you won’t find on google maps
that’s A to B
this is B to Z
It's where abandon shoes came from
our paths kept crossing
my view kept finding, framing, shooting
never once have I moved them
they’re so perfect the way they exist
no person. all personality. a story waiting for the taking.

shoespeak: the definition of nonsense