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The Library

Who the f*ck still goes to the library?

Um, as of my days of being a freelancer, I do. Just so happens that in my quest to find a place that would allow me my legal right as a Canadian citizen to vote, the third unsuccessful venue I tried was a local library. And while they wouldn't let me cast a one, they would let me take out the latest edition of vanity fair, vogue, the Sopranos and whatever other editorial, DVD and CD titles I wanted for FREE. All I needed was the same proof of citizenship and registered mail elections Canada rejected. Whatever's party promotes public funding for literacy has my vote. Seriously. This place is my new Indigo - and bonus, they still have lounge seating. Heather Reisman should take some notes. They also have the least annoying voiceless self-serve check-out that “Thanks You” for coming - and email reminders when your books/DVDS are a day away from costing you over-due charges. It’s better customer service than every place I spend money at. You can also take up to 100 items out at a time & avoid paying overdue charges until you need to renew your annual free membership.