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Why Undone Refused the Pun

Here's the thing about puns; they get a laugh. First-level and cheesy has a huge audience. I'm part of that majority because I LMAO at the front-page headlines on the Toronto Sun enough. I'm addressing this because throughout the process of titling the abandoned shoe shots - more than a few had all the makings of a killer pun. 

'Undone' is probably the best example of this.' Shoeicide' would have been the title if I went the pun route - often referred to as 'easy street.' I see their point. Mine is that it was if someone staged this scene so perfectly for word play, it almost felt like I was being tested by the higher powers of humour.  "Shoes on a ledge can't jump without feet. They can't be talked off. Not being walked off." It went on and oner in my head all day. I knew shoeicide would get laughs from people. I'm an over-thinker though. It's an insane problem. The name ultimately came from thinking about the emotional state of a person contemplating suicide. It wasn't funny. The undone straps on the shoes is how I landed on the published name. It's amazing how a single image can have a completely different meaning simply by the title. Can the same be said for names of humans. Does it pre-determine how the world perceives them? Mom wants Margaret dad wants Jemma? They're so different. I like 3 letter names. If I had a kid, I hope they'd be to the point unlike me. ~walk on

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