I'm Natalie. I like long walks on the streets & vintage shoe collecting.

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Abandon shoes believe in God. 

They don’t however have a religion.

That got abandon when the people wearing them left them.

So know they just have faith that someone, somewhere will still love and care about them.


No matter how pretty, cute, ugly, mangled, decrepit or ridiculous they are, I still care about them.

They’re still worthy of a capture and a capture in my book.

A Christian, Muslim or Jew coulda been wearing them but when I find them, they’re without any human so they’re nothing.

Just faithful little soles waiting for their final fate ~ a soul of their own on instagram and an lol from me.

That’s the beginning and end point for them.

And to wrap it up because people like tying things up tightly with bows, Abandon Shoes believe in God because I do. All soles with the potential of a new soul are created equal to me.

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