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abandon suicide

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I snapped this shot as I was walking through Yorkville. “Kate Spade ~ 25 years and counting...Hooray! For what? Hanging yourself because you were afraid of what saying the three life saving words #ineedhelp would do to your brand image, which regardless if you still own the rights to your company is still your legacy it’s what you leave behind. If only Kate Spade would have had the ability to say #ineedhelp her name would have lived on the shoulders and feet of all that loved and adored her in vain. It’s so incredibly sad the stigma that still exists around mental health issues when 90% of people suffer-the silence needs to end just say the words #ineedhelp and you’ll find it. Faith and love will have to be trusted to see you through. 

Kate Spade is gone and her brand may as well be 100% off - final clearance, because what it stood for and what it now stands for are not the same. It’s branding, materialism and commercialism at its worst. So sad but so true if the true nature of the story is what it’s been concluded - she did take her own life, in her own home, with a letter to her 13 year old daughter trying to explain the unexplainable to a child. We needed the #metoo movement now we need this one just as much. It’s a move meant to help people not feel ashamed to get help

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Afterword - the irony that the bags are hanging has not escaped me