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abandon reality

[ dreams are what reality is built on ]

“Dreamer of Dreams”

That’s literally what the picture I bought  at home sense said that I hung above my bed three days after I got discharged from the mental institution for being convince my entire life was a dream. Literally, a like that had all taken place in my subconscious that I was now suppose to wake up from. 

[ 00 ]


Here you are, my greatest rival

Who I have endlessly and been at battle with

But now our cold war has finally been heated 

By the friction of our bodies connecting

Momentary instincts

Lapses of reason

Naked figures that stand together

Struggling to understand how it could be

The wall has broken

The barrier abolished




Nobody else matters

The disbelieving friends

The fear of what the future may hold

The voice of reason telling me to pull away your lips near my own


I refuse to withdraw from your arms

I will follow whatever emotion it is that draws me into you

The challenge

The intrigue

The mystery of all you are

And all that you may come to be

Right now is all that matters

The two of us

Lost soles

Best friends

Emerging into something that will never shatter what we had

Simply give birth to something new 

But now we must mourn the death of what was

The friendship before the confusion

But in this confusion

I have the comfort of the answers my head’s denied me.

The answers of my heart

With it’s mind of it’s own, it’s thrown me at you

Making the prospect of ‘us’ a reality

I know it is right because my mind’s voice has been silenced

By the calling of my heart

Demanding the need for you.


Run far away, as fast as you can

Leave this place

Abandon this life

Heighten your existence

“Where you gonna run” they all want to know

My reply is simple; “Wherever my instincts force me to go”

I’m no longer in chains

A prisoner of fear

My strongest link has overpowered my weakest

So as I break apart the barriers that have forever sheltered me

Watch me transform

Release myself from all I have longed forever to escape from

I have everything I never wanted. Materialism is meaningless at it’s core.

Envious, surely you’ll be

For I am catering to myself and no one else

While all of you remain hopeless dreamers

Dreams don’t even exist in your sleep

As I turn try back and stride out the door

You will long to follow my path

Walk in my driver’s license-free footsteps

Because you’re not ready to follow your own

Intimidated by the unknown

Discomforted by anything abstract

Unwilling to venture outside the bubble

The same one it’s high time for me to burst

abandon inequality