I'm Natalie. I like long walks on the streets & vintage shoe collecting.

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abandon ego

abandon ego


I aspire to be a beautiful fool

forget about learning and drop out of school

I vow to spend more time on my looks

Throw out my intelligence and burn my books

I’ll speak to impress, not care if it’s true

The sun could be yellow but I’ll agree that it’s blue

This way I’ll avoid all possible fights

Guys wanting to date me, they just might

For as long as I can put on a little number

They’ll come stomping in with hormonal thunder

When they sense naiveté they’ll run for the catch

When I pull out a biggie they’ll fumble for a match

As the flame shine bright my facade they’ll see

That trophy girl I vowed I could be

But if you look hard enough into the depths of my eyes

You’re certain to observe this act is all lies

Somewhere under the perfectly coiffed hair

There’s an intelligista that really does care 

Conscious of all she pretends to not know

Upon realizing this I’ll permit you to go

For I’m sorry I can’t be your beautiful fool

Anymore or this charade would be degrading and cruel

At times it may be easier to look pretty and smile

But that takes you an inch and I strive for a mile.


If you look close enough - the sole of this on-time shoe actually says "QUALITY GUARANTEED" - I almost called the shot "After-Life Guarantee." But the observation that it was the right sole made it impossible to not muse on the truth of the narrative. The sinners get left behind. Those who don't conquer their egos and she their shadow selves never reach transcendence. I don't believe in hell. But I do believe in heaven and I know it'll be worth the effort of living a life of truth once and and when and if I get there.

abandon homelessness

abandon homelessness

abandon fear

abandon fear