I'm Natalie. I like long walks on the streets & vintage shoe collecting.

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Abandon Shoes was a departure from everything I thought I was and knew. I have yet to arrive at the final destination. I’ve written that walking’s the A~Z #walkingclub. I feel as though the process of creating abandon shoes has taken me through each letter of the alphabet. It helped me walk away from everything I was and discover something new.

Abandon Shoes exist solely because I want them to. I’ve tried to walk away from the ideal that they’re my destiny, reason for being, the universes special gift just for me and I can’t. They make it impossible. Everytime I need smile, chuckle, re-enforcement, whatever-there they are; A single or pair of abandon soles just waiting for me to breathe life through narrative into them. 

Becoming maniacally obsessed with shit on the streets is not a normal occurrence. Nor is it a paying occupation. The reality of both of these factors landed me in a mental institution. It labelled me bi-polar-manic and more manic-which defines the notion of two poles but that an entirely other study in brain chemistry I'm not prepared to blog about at this time. My poles are Maniacal and more Maniacal. Diagnosed by some dip shit because I was doing what I’d been doing my entire life only I wasn’t being paid for it. I was trying to materialize the immaterial verses trying to turn the material into something meaningful which none of it was or is.

We don’t need any new shit created or sold in this day and age. We need to take whatever we have already created and upcycle it. That’s what I truly believe. You walk around the streets and outside peoples homes are perfectly good toys, books, bodies, hair straighteners, and mostly raw materials like wood and furniture. Just going to the dump. The landfills. Filling the land with a foundation of waste because we as a human race can't get our shit together. That’s not the fate of Abandon Shoes. 

It’s a platform. A rallying cry. A point of view that points a lens on things people should care about but don’t necessarily do. Call me crazy because I believe soles without human soles have a hella lot to say. Today, it’s a message about manifestation. If you want something to exist it will. This site is proof positive~

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Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, says

"ideas are out there waiting to find the right person who can bring them to life"

"Ideas are these disembodied life forms, they don’t have a form, but they have a will. All they want is to be made manifest," she told Robin Young on NPR’s Here and Now

"If you can manage to open up your consciousness to an idea of living in a world of abundance, then you can believe that, constantly, ideas are trying to find human collaborators."

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