I'm Natalie. I like long walks on the streets & vintage shoe collecting.

Hope you enjoy the stay

thoughts that don't follow

Jumping thoughts
Trespassing musings
Audio Hallucinations
Thinking an upside down mop is a wig on a stick
Or a fire hydrant is a little girl in a raincoat with a hat on
Crazy think from A to Z
Most people can only handle a thought that goes from A to B
Sorry if you’re not following
But really I’m notApologizing is just guilt for what we’ve got and others might not~

My thoughts follow no one

That’s an example of a non linear thought pattern
Going from one thought to another with no connections
Just letting it go
The mind's entitlement to flow
Like a tidal wave
Or ripple in the water
It decides what wattage it wants to wager

Too smart for your own good
Or dumbed down for the greater not
Make your choice
It doesn’t work both ways
Be you or be someone else
Authenticity is the end game

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love wins