I'm Natalie. I like long walks on the streets & vintage shoe collecting.

Hope you enjoy the stay



I came out of the kitchen cupboard walking at 2. According to my mother, I’d crawl in every morning to strategize first steps for the day. After about a month, the cupboard door suddenly flung open and out I went on my first solo walk. In hindsight, teaching myself to walk led to her feeling unneeded. Not surprisingly, I was abandon some years later. Declaring myself self-sufficient in a loaded diaper is likely why I’m so versed at shooting-it on the subject of abandonment today. I wouldn’t change that. Not even for a clean one. I like owning my shit.  

The past is just a story we tell ourselves anyways.* I liked my mom’s version better. It works harder. Abandon Shoes are a worthy cause. Everyone feels needed. Who cares, move forward. Re-Frame, Tilt the lens. Find a new view. Let it find you. Point is, there isn’t one. It’s your walk. Just go for it.

*I stole that line from a #spikejones film - I can't remember which one but I use it all the time

the more beautiful, the more fucked up

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