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mental in-sanity


Want a spelling lesson in pharmaceuticals?
Resperidone and lurasidone end in done
Divalproex begins with diva and finish with ex - as in X
Codeine starts with code
Break it and your golden
Ability has il in it and sounds like a verb of ability
Until it makes you batshit
Lithium starts with lit and like Valium, it’s last word is um
How reassuring
Um who knows if your kidneys will fail or thyroid will go haywire

As long as your zombies out we'll take our chances
Then there’s clonazapen
It’s ends with pen
So write your own prescription
I’ll happily provide the description
A pharmacist I’m not
A guinea pig I am - It's called the placebo effect
They’re all garbage
Just like the ice age that invented them

So pick your poison wisely~

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How do I luv fall