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abandon answers


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My mentor wrote that tag lines for me and it’s spot on. It’s hard to harness your own attributes but the people you respect can do it for you. And so Gary Lennox, the renaissance of all renaissance men did. You can’t find him on Facebook or Instagram or anywhere socially except an old school bar - he’s way beyond that. But credit he’s not and here with #abandonanswers he’ll get all the credit he well deserves

[ Questions require a quest ]

They don’t always yield an answer. I fact, they often just lead to more of them.


Why is the word pathetic in empathetic

Why’s the word hospital in hospitality when it’s the last place you’d ever wanna be

Why is ass in class

Fun in funds

and funeral

Why does god spell dog backwards

Because they’re a source of unconditional love. 

Why is finite in infinite

Because endless means the beginning is the end.

Why do right and write sound the same phontetically?

Because the only way to right the wrong is to re-write the future and forget about the injustice of the past.

why is?

Man in manager

Phonetically pronounced manage-her

Why does she have he in it?

Why does romance have man in it?

Wo man

S he

He art

Beau tiful

Man agement

Man ager

No wonder it’s a mans age - it was pre-written

Thank God for the #metoo movement

Now it’s time to

Sir ender.

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abandon reality